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24 January 2010 @ 02:36 am
Big Bang & off to Japan...  

Number 1..

I got great tickets, 1st floor infront of the smaller stage, to Big bang's concert here in Seoul on Friday the 29th, so me and 2 friends are going..
I'm gonna get the V I P lightstick, as for the rest of the good.. so-so.. nothing I really want to buy.
Look forward to Taeyangs solo the most.. I hope he sings WEDDING DRESS.
And TOP and Daesung might sing their new solos???
I'm excited..

Number 2
Then today I decided when to go to Japan for vacation.
Or well.. I have to book my ticket but I decided dates. Feb 18-26!
I think I only will be in Tokyo this time.. unless my ojisan and obasan wants to take me around..
Will try to go to Yokohama and Chiba..
I want to go to Aibachans family's restaurant this time..
Also I want to go to TDL, aka TOKYO DISNEYLAND.
A bit bumped that Arashi doesnt have any concerts, but I got a FC email today.. hope they will shoot some shows when I'm there, I want to win tickets for it.. XD (0.00001%chance that I get one if I enter but..can always give it a try if I get the chance)

ryoko: ryo_01masuda_takahits on February 5th, 2010 01:53 am (UTC)
Hi from forever hiatus!!! :D
(I'm sorry for sudden popping out I'm now like digging billions of updating on my f-list)
I didn't know you had your relatives in Japan^^
I never try to apply for their TV show filming as they usually require us going there on the day before to get ticket and usually to learn "how to cheer" and I don't have much time to attend!
(I'm a worker that I'm free generally in weekends)
I haven't been there but I'm planning to eat Aibachan's Chinese soon!
They say there is a looong line... but I'll try!
1 Foot in Asia 1 foot in Europe: Arashi2chosoo on February 5th, 2010 02:12 pm (UTC)
Haha... that's ok ^^
well..it's kinda hard to explain, it's my parents bestfriends sister and her family..
well he has 3 sisters but I'm staying with one of them..
and my parents and their friends goes way back.. 30yrs or so and we are like family ^^
and he is Japanese..

I wanted to apply but non of the dates fit me so (T__T)
I didnt get any concert tickets either, lost the ballot :'(

But I'm gonna go to Aibachans place with a friend when I'm in Tokyo. :)