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30 January 2010 @ 10:55 pm
B to the I to the G..B to the A N G 2010 concert!  
Yesterday I went to Big Bang's concert in Seoul.

I met up with my friends in Edae station and we went together.
It was already LOTS of people there..
First we collected our tickets, then we headed over to buy the goods.

First the guy who worked there said they had closed so we couldn't buy..
but since my friends doesnt speak any korean another staff heard and came over and I said in Korean that we wanted to buy 2 things...
and she let us do it.. so we got happy.

Then we found our entrance and waited for a long time... it was super cold outside!
When we got in we were the first once, actually..we took the wrong line, but it was chaos anyway, so we just had to wait.
However later a security guy came and took us into the arena, we got the FRONT ROW standing, I could touch the stage..haha

The first half of the concert was so-so.. the boys were quite stiff and it felt like they rather would have wanted to be somewhere else.
+ people kept on pushing me as **** and the security didnt do A THING!! I was so disappointed since they said before the concert that we just needed to wave and they'd come.. BULLSHIT.

Seungri and Daesung were the first once to show off their solosongs..
Daesung sang his new song cotton candy, it was a really cute performance but the song is tooo cute for me. But Daesung is the little brother soo.. what can u say!? ^^
Seungri did his strong baby, I liked the "movie" in the beginning.. but the song is quite boring.. and well I don't really like Seungri so (^^;;)
TOP's solo 아무렇지 않은 척 was great, I love that song and he even played the harmonica, which made all the fans shout out loud!!
He also showed his new MV for his new solosong.. HIPHOP style, however it wasn't a song I liked... but he looked AWSOME in it.
Taeyang did both "Where are u at" and "Wedding dress". What can i say? His body is amazing, I could almost touch him..haha..
and his dancing was SUPER!!
Gdragon did his heartbreaker and Korean dream.. I love the dance for the middle part in Heartbreaker ^^

Seungri and Daesung also did some songs together, which was nice ^^

2NE1 came on stage and sang Fire and I don't care. They got the crowed workning even more...since they were moving around all the stages..loool

My fave song was the Japanese song called Stay, I loved it when the cd came out and this was the first time I heard it live.

During the MC they also mentioned that they will be off to Japan soon and have concerts there and be there for a while.. so we won't see much of them this year in Korea.
They also sang Gara Gara Go! and Koe wo kikasete...

They also showed a 1박2일...they were so N O T handsome..haha
and the rest will be released on the dvd.. I want it ^^

As a last encore song they did Last farwell and Lies... and also during the last MC Daesung got nosebleed and went off stage for a bit and everyone got scared and the other members said Dont worry he is fine..
Also during the encore they interacted more with the fans and I managed to flirt abit with TOP (^__^)v

The view I had was great, I wanted to take photos, I mean no security was there and it was PERFECT, but I had the camera in my bag.. and it was on the floor and well.. I couldnt really move much so.. (T__T) I guess I have to live with the memories (^0^;;)
I had half-a-meter in distance from the boys from time to time (^__^) and they are nice to look at close..haha.. ie TAEYANG.. His body is well.. what can I say.. Eyecandy?! (^0^)

The concert lasted for a bit more than 3 hours.. now I want the DVD...

1. Opening - 거짓말
2. Gara Gara Go!
3. 반짝반짝 (Sparkling, Sparkling)
4. Wonderful
5. 할렐루야 (Hallelujah)
6. Cotton Candy (대성 솔로)
7. The Next Day
8. Strong Baby (승리 솔로)
9. Top of the World
10. Number 1
11. 코에오 키카세떼 (聲をきかせてKoe Wo Kikasete)
12. Make Love
13. Where U At  (태양 솔로)
14. Wedding Dress (태양 솔로)
15. 아무렇지 않은 척(As if Nothing's Wrong)
16. TOP's new solo song - MV showing
17. How Gee
18. Stylish
19. Fire (2NE1)
20. I Don't Care (2NE1)
21. Fool's Only Tears
22. I Don't Understand
23. Foolish Love
24. Oh My Baby
25. Remember
26. 착한 사람(A Good Man)
27. Stay
28. 하루하루 (Haru Haru)
29. Intro + A Boy
30. Heartbreaker (지드 솔로) 
31. Korean Dream (지드 + 태양)
32. Always
33. 천국 (Heaven)
34. 바보 (Fool)
35. Big Hit
36. 마지막 인사 (Last Farewell)
앵콜(Encore): 붉은노을, 거짓말 (Sunset Glow + Lies)
Current Music: Big bang - Stay