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28 November 2016 @ 08:46 pm

I came back from Japan a few days ago.
I cannot believe a week has passed since I saw Arashi in Tokyo Dome.
My second time. I had such awesome seats I still cannot believe it.
I'm quite busy with work but will try to make a review asap. However it will be posted to my usual blog and not LJ. As it seems I have more visitors on my blog... anyway stay tuned!

I love my parka and badges from the concert.
I also got the schedule, I look forward to use it next year ^^
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16 November 2015 @ 10:49 pm

I have been recalling the past couple of months and it feels like I'm falling out of my fandom regarding JE, Jpop and Kpop.
I guess I could say I'm growing up. Not fully but sligthly. I have still not started Aiba-chan's drama from last spring nor watched any shows for quite a while.
But I still buy their cds and dvds.

My wallet is happier, that's for sure.

Somtimes I do miss my "old" life, but I don't miss it too much. I love spending time with my BF so I cannot way it's a bad thing.
Just life is changing, and I guess it's normal... NO?

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01 December 2014 @ 03:32 pm

A weeks days ago one of my friends in Japan asked me when I'd go to Osaka. I said I was gonna go on Dec 26 and asked why.
She then said she had tickets for SMAP's 2014 tour「Mr.S -SAIKOU DE SAIKOU NO CONCERT TOUR-」in Kyocera dome on Dec 24.
To me that felt like being impossible to turn down, so in the end I changed my schedule totally and will go to Osaka in the morning of Dec 24!!
I can't believe that I will be able to see SMAP, they are not my fave group when it comes to music. However they do entertain me in so many other ways!!

Also, this means I'll be able to see Kimutaku and Goro-chan live ^^

My friend sent me a text saying the seats are on 1st floor but she thought they were so-so. Kinda far from the stage.
I said I don't care, 1st floor is still 1st. I mean, sitting in the back on 3rd floor would be like watching ants (^^;;)

I read that this was the songlist in Tokyo Dome last month..Original info


2014年9月4日 東京ドーム セットリスト

01. Theme of Mr.S
02. Mr.S
03. シャレオツ
04. やりたい放題
05. 無我夢中なLIFE


06. がんばりましょう
07. さかさまの空
08. KANSHAして
09. ココカラ
10. 夜空ノムコウ

北川景子 生中継 曲選び

11. 笑顔のゲンキ
12. BANG!BANG!バカンス!
13. Amazing Discovery


14. DaDaDaDa(稲垣吾郎&草彅剛)
15. SKINAIRO(香取慎吾ソロ)


16. Battery
17. ダイナマイト
18. $10
19. Mistake!
20. The Future
21. Crazy Five
22. Yes we are


草彅剛 :新入りの巨人
中居正広:てぃーてぃーてぃーてれって てれてぃてぃてぃ ~だれのケツ
全 員 :27時間テレビのペンギン着ぐるみ(SHAKE~アナ雪~がんばりましょう)

23. One Chance!(木村拓哉ソロ)
24. よわいとこ(木村拓哉&稲垣吾郎)
25. 好きよ
26. オレンジ
27. ハロー
28. 世界に一つだけの花


29. Dramatic Starlight(稲垣吾郎ソロ)
30. 掌の世界
31. アマノジャク
32. 青いイナズマ
33. Top Of The World


34. 藍色GANG(草彅剛ソロ)
35. Joy!!
36. オリスマ
38. らいおんハート
39. 俺たちに明日はある
40. ビートフルデイ

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01 December 2014 @ 03:27 pm

Did I tell you...?
I don't think I have but, guess what?
It feels unreal still and I'm nervous for various reasons.
The other week a friend of my text me and asked if I wanted to go to Tackey and Tsubasa's concert in Yokohama Arena. Of course I wanted to go but on that day we had decided to meet up for dinner.
Also, it's the same day as I arrive to Tokyo, I arrive in the morning and the concert is in the afternoon / early evening.
I'm excited and I hope Tsubasa-kun gets well before the tour!!
It kinda feels like I'm going on a Johnny's tour, as I'm now both going to TxT and SMAP.
All I'm missing is Arashi..hehe
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I have translated what i think is the best soundtrack for the MBC drama 운명처럼 널 사랑해 aka 운널사 (Fated To Love You)!!
Go here to read it.

Ailee - 잠시 안녕처럼 (Good Bye My Love)

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10 January 2014 @ 09:47 am
I have gotten this question before and some more since I post my con report.
I'm an overseas FC member, been a member for 6 years now.
I have made a small guide on how it's possible for international fans to join the Arashi FC!

I will probably update it more this weekend, but it states most relevant info most of you want to know.

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I wrote this and posted on my normal blog on Christmas, but then I thought, I'd share it here.
It has my report + the whole song list.
If I have made any mistakes, you are welcome to comment it to me. As I also stated in the report, I was so excited that I might have had mixed some things up.
Go here for con report ;)Collapse )
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17 October 2013 @ 10:33 pm

Today I got the email I have been dreaming about for year!!!
I got tickets for Arashi's upcoming "LOVE" tour!!! It will be my VERY first time to attend, and I got it with MY FC membership!
I'm bringing two friends with me ^^
I'm so excited and still cannot believe it.

JE said they'd announce it on Oct 17, but it came on Oct 18 right after midnight ^^

I'm going to Tokyo Dome on Dec 15!!!!!!!!!!!
Less than two months away!!

I will get to see Sho-kun live ^^
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09 June 2013 @ 04:53 pm
So it happens I will be in Tokyo on June 29, so of course I wanted to ballot to get tickets to this year's upcoming waku waku gakkou.
I will be in Japan until July 5 but I have already booked tickets for Hokkaido on June 30, so my only chance is to get tickets to June 29.

I hope and wish I can get them!! it'd be my very first time to see Arashi live!!

Result will be out next Monday, June 17!!!!

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